Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recipe sharing

It may be one thing to take a deep dark family secret to the grave, but I don't believe that prized recipes should follow the same suit.  It's so sad when I hear people talk about so-and-so's amazing scone recipe, or a great aunt's fantastic caramelised nut cake recipe...but they died before they shared the recipe with anyone, or they were just unwilling to ever disclose that secret ingredient that made all the difference.  Or worse, in the community I find myself in now, it's not uncommon for people to share their recipes, but leave out a vital ingredient, or give the wrong quantities.  Why would people do such a thing?  Is it just to maintain bragging rights?  Can you really be that selfish?  Do your treasured recipes define you to such an extent that you begrudge the rest of the world a little know-how?  And what exactly do you plan on gaining by entering the Hereafter with your treasured recipe...imagine the delights of paradise (hoping we get there) being offered to you...divine offerings that we cannot even fathom in this world.

What will the stingy recipe hoard say on seeing these heavenly treats?  "No thanks, I bought my own recipe."

Here, I intend to share what I believe to be tried-and-tested, fantastic recipes.  Some are from my own collection of books and endless internet searches, tweaked here in there to my taste (and to the agreement of my chief taster and most critical critic, my husband) and some come from other generous recipe donors that have also confirmed their contributions to be honest and yummy!  All recipes are accredited to their original sources where necessary, so there's no plagiarism!

Finally, if you wish to contribute, you're more that welcome to e-mail me at with your recipe, and I'll try it out and put it up!


  1. those cakes look to die for!

  2. your blog is terribly funny Aminah! You've put a smile on my face this morning!

    Good luck with it!



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